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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Five Myths About the Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are one of the most significant initiatives in American education in decades. Yet the swiftness with which they were developed and adopted has left educators uncertain about exactly what they are. A number of myths about the standards have emerged.

Myth #1 The Common Core State Standards are a national curriculum.
Americans have long had a leery view of a national curriculum, but the...

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Google+: The Dark Side of the Circle

Social networking sites like Google+ present powerful classroom opportunities, but they are also designed to create hierarchies.

“Let’s face it, The Social Network presented Mark Zuckerberg as a relentless bully with a computer instead of muscles. It also made Fac ebook’s creation seem like a ploy to get back at a girl, rather than the simple desire to create.” –...

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