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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you accept POs?

A: Yes. We require a copy of the PO to be sent to the office via fax, mail, or email. We do not accept PO #s online and do require the PO before processing will begin. W-9 paperwork is available upon request.

Mail | Mentoring Minds, LP, P.O. Box 8843, Tyler, TX 75711
Phone | Local: 903-509-4002 | Toll Free: 800-585-5258
Fax | 800-838-8186
Email |

Q: Do you sell to wholesalers, distributors, or stores?

A: No. Because we are a sole source company, we cannot sell to anyone with the intent to resell. 

Q: How long is your standard turnaround time?

A: If nothing is backordered and depending on your location, you can expect your shipment approximately 7-14 business days from the date we receive your order.

Q: Do I include shipping in my PO?

A: Yes, please. The price of shipping is not factored into our product cost. View Shipping Rates.

Q: Are you a Sole Source Provider?

A: Yes, we are the sole source for all of our products. Below is a link to our most current sole source affidavits. If you need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Sole Source Documentation

Q: Is there a minimum quantity to purchase your consumable books?

A: Yes, for any of our book titles (Motivation Math, Motivation Reading, Motivation Science, Motivation Writing, and Vocabulary Adventure), the minimum
purchase is 10 books per level and per language. Once you meet your minimum quantity of 10 in the level/language desired, you can order any additional quantity of that specific level/language. Spanish and English versions cannot be combined to meet your 10 per level. Grade levels cannot  be combined to meet your 10 per title.

Q: I am a parent. Can I buy less than the minimum quantities listed on your website?

A: No. Our student books have a minimum purchasing requirement of 10 books per level per language. Our materials were written for a classroom setting, and thus we have policies in place reflective of a classroom environment.

Q: Can I purchase 10 student editions and make copies for the rest of my students?

A: No, all content written by Mentoring Minds is covered under our copyrights. Copying and/or duplicating is illegal and strictly prohibited without prior written consent of Mentoring Minds. If you have questions regarding our copyright and how it pertains to our products, please call us at 800.585.5258.

Q: Do I have to order one book per student?

A: So long as you are not infringing on our copyright by duplicating or reproducing our products in any way, you can use the books however you would like. We do encourage you to provide one book per child, as that is how you will achieve maximum results.

Q: What if I am not happy with what I ordered?

A: Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you have ordered, we will make it right with the appropriate return/refund or exchange. Please call Customer Service at 800.585.5258 or, and a friendly representative will assist you from start to finish.



Q: Is the "Level 2" the same as "2nd Grade?"

A: Yes. We do this so that students are not intimidated by the "grade," but rather track their progress based on levels.

Q: What is the meaning of the lettering (A) through (Z) found after each intervention or strategy on the Behavior Guide?

A: We placed the letters at the end of each strategy as a coding system for RTI (Response to Intervention) plans. Instead of having to write out the entire strategy, you could write the code and use the guide as a reference. For example: Transition, B.

Q: Do you offer product training?

A: Yes!  Please contact Customer Service at 800.585.5258 or for more information. For additional information on our Professional Development, click here.

Q: Can I make copies of your material?

A: Mentoring Minds does not offer Blackline Masters of our supplemental student editions, teacher editions, or flip charts. The content within the material is copyrighted, and therefore is not reproducible. However, Mentoring Minds does offer thought leadership articles and educational resources that administrators and educators can copy and distribute among colleagues. 

Q: I only want a teacher edition. Can I purchase a Motivation Teacher Edition without purchasing student editions?

A: No. Our teacher editions are designed to be used in conjunction with our student editions.  For every 25 student editions ordered, you will automatically receive 1 corresponding teacher edition for free. For purchases of student editions under a quantity of 25, teacher editions are available for purchase in a 1 to 10 ratio. Please call our office at 800.585.5258 to discuss needs outside of our basic policies.