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Mentoring Minds offers a suite of materials for teaching mathematics, language arts, vocabulary, and science. Whether it is using a book or a flip chart, you are sure to find resources to help your students develop a better understanding of core concepts.
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    Classroom Management

    Effective teaching and learning cannot occur in a poorly managed classroom. The most important component in the prevention of misbehavior is to create and maintain a positive and welcoming school climate. Classroom management resources help promote a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for all.

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    Critical Thinking

    Teaching students to become skilled thinkers is a goal of Mentoring Minds. Mentoring Minds’ critical thinking resources can be used to develop high quality instruction and lead students to independently process information.

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    Research shows that students score higher on standardized tests when they experience focused, aligned practice in the assessment format. These practice assessments provide a valuable gauge of student learning as you benchmark progress throughout the year.

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    Flip Charts/Guides

    We all have our own ways we like to learn and share information. With our flip charts and compact guides, we present a unique approach to putting a plethora of information at your fingertips. Within each chart or guide, you will find a series of tabbed pages that cover a variety of topics in both breadth and depth.

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    Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention (RtI) is an approach used to increase the opportunity for all students to meet academic achievement standards through early identification of students whose academic and/or behavioral needs place them at risk. Mentoring Minds offers a variety of products to help teachers with students struggling in academic and/or behavioral domains.

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    These wheels provide teachers with a broad spectrum of strategies and activities to incorporate critical thinking and other instructional concepts into the curriculum.

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