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Critical Thinking

Teaching students to become skilled thinkers is a goal of Mentoring Minds. Mentoring Minds’ critical thinking resources can be used to develop high quality instruction and lead students to independently process information.

"These (critical thinking) materials are exactly what we need to get our students to think critically. I am constantly looking for new ways to stimulate the learning process and these products are great!"
- K. Dey Los Reyes, Principal

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  • Critical Thinking Wheel

    Critical Thinking Wheel

    The Critical Thinking Educator Wheel provides educators quick-and-easy access to critical thinking prompts based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The wheel is packed with information that helps teachers build great lesson plans for all subjects and all grade levels. For each level of Bloom’s, the wheel offers a definition, Power Words for building quality lessons, questioning prompts to stimulate thinking, and teaching suggestions for teachers.
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  • Depth of Knowledge - Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel

    Depth of Knowledge - Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel

    Help students process information at different levels of knowledge with this critical thinking tool. By engaging students in rigorous and complex thinking exercises, educators address the cognitive demands of standards and assessments. The wheel features the six levels of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy on one side and the four levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge on the other side.
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