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Whether it is reading, writing, or 'rithmetic, we have you covered. At the essence of each product we develop, lies a core based on critical thinking and the desire to help children develop into lifelong learners.

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    The research-based math strategies in Mentoring Minds' material integrate critical thinking and test-taking skills with classroom instruction. Our mathematics resources encourage comprehension by incorporating rigorous questioning and introducing math concepts throughout the material.

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    Motivation Math Assessments

    Research shows that students score higher on standardized tests when they experience focused and aligned practice in assessment format. The Common Core Math Benchmark Assessments provide great insight on student understanding as mathematics progress is benchmarked throughout the year.

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    Motivation Math

    Motivation Math is a supplemental resource, aligned to the Common Core Standards, which complements and supports any mathematics curriculum. It provides focused practice with the depth and complexity needed to prepare students for the rigor of standardized testing.

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