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Product Research

We realize the importance research plays in education as well as selecting items to be used in the classroom. With that in mind, we have put in extensive hours and research of our own to ensure that our resources are of the highest educational soundness and quality.

Motivation Math Middle School Case Study

In today’s rapidly changing, technology-dependent world, math skills are more important than ever. At Mentoring Minds, we know that sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who fail to grasp important mathematical concepts are likely to struggle in high school, college, and life.

Our Motivation Math series was designed by teachers to improve student performance by integrating critical thinking and test-taking skills into classroom instruction. A secondary goal is to create a positive attitude toward mathematics. In other words, we make learning meaningful. 

Recently, Motivation Math was piloted in four Texas middle schools. These schools, located in economically disadvantaged communities in different parts of the state, serve predominantly Hispanic and African- American families. We encourage you to download our case study and see for yourself why Motivation Math has a 100% recommendation rate!

Download the case study here.

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