Motivation Online FAQs

General Questions


Q: How do I change a teacher, student, or administrator password?
A:        There is one process for changing teacher, student, and administrator passwords. Click the Management button on the Teacher Dashboard. Select the User for whom you wish to change the password in the My Students/Show All Users section. Click the Edit button in the Details header bar. Click the Show Password button. Edit the password and click Save.


Q: How does a student get assigned to a class?
A:        Option 1: During the student self-registration process, students will be prompted to enter a 3-digit class code provided by the teacher. The teacher receives this class code upon his/her registration or upon creating a new class in the Management area. This class code will allow the student to enroll in the teacher’s class. Option 2: Teachers can assign a student to a class by going to the Management area. The student must first be selected in the My Students/Show all Users area in the lower half of the page. Selecting the Edit button in the Details header bar of the My Students section will activate editing mode. Click the Edit button in the Classes section of the Details area to add/remove classes for the user. All changes must be saved. Option 3: Teachers have the option of creating a student user in the Management area, as opposed to having the students self-register. To do so, the teacher must click the Management button on the Teacher Dashboard. In the My Students/Show All Users area in the lower half of the screen, click the Add button to add the new User. Then click the Edit button within the New User window to add available classes to the new user. All changes must be saved. Option 4: If your district chooses to import students into the system, teachers must assign classes to the student after the import. To do so, click the Management button, select the User in the lower half of the screen, click the Edit button in the User Details header on the right side of the screen, and then click the Edit button in the Classes area. Available classes will appear on the left side of the screen. Select the class you wish to assign to the student. All changes must be saved.


Q: How does a student join a new class for another title?
A:        After logging into Motivation Online, the student will see a student desk icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The student should click the arrow and select Join a Class. He/she will need to provide the 3-digit class code provided by the teacher to join the class.


Q: How do I utilize the online progress monitoring for assignments that students completed in the print Student Edition?
A:        When the teacher makes a new assignment and selects the class, subject, level, and assignment, a checkbox is available at the bottom of the screen indicating that students will complete the assignment in the book. This option makes the assignment available to the teacher in the grading section. After selecting the assignments, the teacher navigates to the grading section to transfer answers from the print Student Edition into Motivation Online. To get to the grading section, teachers click the Grade Assignments button from the Teacher Home Page, select the lesson to be graded, and manually input the student answers so reports can be built for progress monitoring purposes.


Q: How does my school or district add more administrators to our school or district account?
A:        School and district administrators can add users to the system by clicking the Management button on the Teacher Dashboard. Select the Add button in the All Users/Show My Students area in the lower half of the screen. Complete all required fields and click Save.


Q: Can I use Motivation Online with a whiteboard?
A:        Yes. First you will need to log in as a Teacher and select Help and then Browser Test. Complete the Click Here First/Click Here Second test. Click this link to view the system requirements for whiteboards.


Q: If my school purchases additional Total Motivation titles, how do I add more titles to my Motivation Online account?
A:        To add a title, teachers must go the Management area and select their name in the Management/User area in the lower half of the screen. After selecting their name, a Details area will appear on the right. Active registration codes entered into the system during the initial registration process will appear. To add additional codes, click the Edit button in the Details header bar. The Details header will turn orange, indicating that you are in edit mode. Click the Add button in the Registration Codes area. Follow the online prompts for registering additional titles. Click Save.


Q: How do I get a registration code if I am a teacher? How do I get a registration code if I am an administrator?
A:        When a title is purchased, teachers will be provided with a registration code. Codes are located on cards affixed to the front cover of every Teacher Edition.


Q: If you are an administrator and your name is linked to the purchase of the Total Motivation title, you will receive an email from Mentoring Minds Support containing a registration code.
A:        If you are a school or district administrator but do not have a registration code, you will need to go through the verification process. Go to Select New User and choose the administrator level that applies to you. Fill out the required information when prompted. When asked for a registration code, click I don’t have one. This will alert Mentoring Minds Customer Service of your request, and they will begin the verification process. You will receive notification within one business day of your Motivation Online status.


Q: How do I know my student’s data is safe and secure?
A:        Please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Children’s Privacy Notice.


Q: How do I access a copy of the privacy policy?
A:        You can find the Mentoring Minds privacy policy here: Once on this page you will be able to save it.


Technical Questions


Q: What are the Motivation Online system requirements?
A:        You can view System Requirements by going to the Motivation Online Resources page and clicking on the System Requirements  button.


Q: Why do I need to enable pop-ups? How do I enable pop-ups or disable popup blockers?
A:        Throughout the system, there are tool tips as well as pop-up windows to assist you in using Motivation Online. In order to receive the best user experience and benefit from all of the functionality of the system, ensure that pop-ups are enabled or popup blockers are disabled. After logging in to Motivation Online, click the Help button in the upper right corner of the screen and select Browser Test. The browser test will determine if pop-ups are blocked and will explain how to change the setting if it needs to be changed. It will also verify your operating system, browser, whiteboard compatibility (via Click/Touch test), app cache, and bandwidth.


Q: Why did Motivation Online log me out?
A:        Motivation Online will force the user to re-authenticate after 3 hours from last login or after 30 minutes of idle time, whichever happens first.


Q: Is there a way to import student rosters from our district SIS?
A:        Yes. School and district administrators will see an Import Users button on their Dashboard. Download the template to your hard drive and input appropriate information (User ID, Password, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Grade Level, Role, and Campus) and save as a csv file. After saving this file, you will return to the Dashboard, select the Import Users button and select Yes, I am ready to import. Navigate to your file and open. The system will walk you through the process. Note the login criteria below when using the import template. Click here for detailed instructions. 

Criteria for fields in student import template:

      • User ID for student must be a minimum of 6 characters.
      • The password cannot be the same as the User ID. Password must have minimum of 8 characters including 1 non-alphabetic character.
      • Passwords are case sensitive.
      • Student User IDs are case sensitive.


Licensing Questions


Q: After purchasing Total Motivation, when does the online license begin?
A:        After Total Motivation is invoiced, the printed materials that are ready to ship arrive to the customer 7-14 days after purchase. The online license begins during the same time period.


Q: How will I know when the Motivation Online license expires?
A:        The student and teacher license for Motivation Online is active for the entire school year. For example, if Total Motivation is purchased October 15, 2014, the online license is active for the entire 2014–2015 school year. If you need more detailed information about the expiration date, please contact our Customer Service at 855-780-9889


Q: How do I add more student seats?
A: Adding more student seats is easy. Please place an order for the number of seats you need. Mentoring Minds is proud to offer BOTH the book and online components of Total Motivation, and your sales representative would be more than happy to assist you in placing your add-on order.