Why Mentoring Minds?

We’re here to give every student a shot at success, inside and out of the classroom.

Lisa and Michael Lujan founded Mentoring Minds because they believe that education levels the playing field and provides all kids with opportunity. In his career as a teacher and an assistant principal, Michael had seen this first-hand, and he wanted to take his expertise and build the tools that would help students learn how to learn. Fifteen years later, Mentoring Minds impacts millions of students every day by partnering with principals and teachers across the country to improve student achievement and teach critical thinking.

Our work starts by developing research-based products and continues throughout the school year, as we help schools implement our resources and realize student growth. The work doesn’t end there, though. Big picture initiatives are central to our mission, too, and we’re investing in our communities to address hunger, adult literacy, and other issues that—though often invisible—fundamentally impact students’ ability to learn.

Commitment to Excellence

A curriculum coach recently paid us the highest compliment, saying, “You can tell that people who know kids developed these products. It’s all research-based, and that is the number one thing.” When we hear that, we know that we’re on the right track, because the integrity of our resources is paramount.

We’ve recruited master teachers and administrators to develop products designed to help teachers engage students where they are and challenge them to grow. To empower administrators to lead a culture of continuous growth. To inspire students to take ownership over their learning and become critical thinkers for life. And most of all—they’re designed to be the very things that the veteran educators on our staff would have reached for in their own classrooms and schools.

Student Success

Supporting educators as they lead instruction, shape learning environments, and support student growth—this is part of the philosophy that’s baked into our products, but it also informs our approach to customer support.

We are committed to working alongside teachers and administrators to ensure that implementation goes smoothly, teachers are equipped with what they need, and students are successful. That means that we are here to help all year long, from the first day back in the fall all the way through next year’s summer school. This is our commitment to foster student success: we’re a partner for educators all the way through.

Social Responsibility

Did you know that $1 delivers 11 meals through the Feeding America network? Or that 1 hour of tutoring each week helps a child learn to read by the end of 3rd grade? These meals and after-school hours often mean as much to a student’s success as the school day itself, and fulfilling these unmet needs in our communities is part of our mission.

With roots in public education, non-profit, civil service, and community organizing, our executive team led the way in developing MindShare, a robust social responsibility program. Through MindShare, we fund a corporate giving platform as well as an employee-driven grant program that awards gifts to the causes and organizations that our employees are passionate about. We also allow time off to volunteer and match employee giving to encourage each team member to make civic engagement part of their daily life.