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Mentoring Minds provides educators with approachable yet sophisticated capabilities to build and deliver assessments in a variety of formats. Use Itematica to increase the power of instruction with data that enhances every step in the educational journey. Itematica gives educators a truly comprehensive K–12 assessment solution with access to 65,000+ rigorous, standards-based items aligned to state learning objectives.

Build and customize your own assessments with Itematica. Use immediate, actionable data to inform instruction and personalize the learning experience.

  • 65,000+ standards-based items
  • Item bank of your choice: KDS or Certica
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Multiple assessment delivery options
  • Timed assessments and randomized order of assessment items
  • Author high-quality assessment items using a rich text editor, while having the ability to embed multimedia (images, videos, audio) and math equations/symbols within the items
  • Create printable test booklets and bubble sheets

  • ELA/R Grades K−12 (Includes English I–IV)
  • Math Grades K−12 (Includes Algebra I & II, Geometry, & Statistics)
  • Science Grades 3−12 (Includes Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)
  • Social Studies Grades 3−12 (Includes US History, World History, Economics, Geography, & US Government)
  • Trans-adapted Spanish Reading and Math items for grades K–12; Science items for grades 3–12
  • Feature availability and item counts vary by state

Keep learning moving with Assessments from Mentoring Minds.

Educators rely on our standards-based assessments to identify individual student learning gaps, more accurately guide instruction, and familiarize students with the rigor and format of high-stakes tests.

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