Beginning of School

August 10, 2010

Can you hear the ringing of school bells in the not-so-distant future? Did June, July, and August seem to go by in a flash? The shock of moving from those relaxing days of summer to the hustle and bustle of a new school year can be eased by following a few simple steps.
Take time to set up your classroom in a functional manner. Arrange your room so that it is neat and organized. Clear your files of any unnecessary items. Sort through and get rid of old materials in your closets and bookshelves.
When your room is in tip-top shape, begin preparing for your new students. Make seating assignments. Create nametags and “Welcome Back” bulletin boards. Design sign-up sheets for parents to gain information on how students are to go home from school, volunteers for class parties, tutors, etc. Send postcards to welcome students to your classroom. Prepare hand-outs that explain classroom procedures. Make phone calls to students expressing how excited you are about having them in your class.
Finally, meet with your teammates to map out the school year. Look at the calendar and decide which special events and field trips you would like to schedule. Discuss day-to-day lesson plans. Share ideas and materials for reaching goals during the school year. Make specific lesson plans for the first day of school. Remember to prepare some time-filler and icebreaker activities to have available those first few weeks of school. By following these tips, you’ll be on the right track to a fun and successful time of learning. Get ready for an adventure as you look to the exciting possibilities of a new school year. Good luck as I can hear those school bells now…brrring!

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