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Category: Resources and Activities

Preschool grant to benefit Arizona

December 12, 2014

One of the toughest realizations to face for those close to the world of education is that everything we do – from designing creative curriculum to providing students with adequate…

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Bill Gates Tries Out 6 Ed Tech Apps

August 29, 2014

Bill and Melinda Gates are known for their many philanthropic efforts, including several educational endeavors such as The Gates Millennium Scholars Program. Of course, Bill Gates is also known…

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The New SMART Board

July 18, 2014

SMART Boards are undoubtedly one of the most innovative tools for working towards an integrated classroom. Teachers might have something new to look forward to after the long summer vacation,…

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Modernizing the E-Rate

July 16, 2014

Few people outside of the educational world are familiar with E-Rate, a program that began in 1996 to help schools and libraries pay for Internet and telecommunication services. This program…

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