How Administrators Help Prepare a Campus for Academic Excellence

March 15, 2012

A rigorous and relevant education is a product of effective teaching and learning. When educators recognize how standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment interrelate and reinforce each other, academic excellence will be imminent in our schools. If the focus is on state assessments as the

only determiner of academic excellence, then undue pressure will more than likely be placed on teachers. Administrators must take responsibility for providing a positive, supportive campus climate and for alleviating stress of all stakeholders. Such support begins at the onset of the school year an

d continues throughout the year in order to bring out the best in teachers and students. When students are fully engaged in the learning process, achievement can result. The opportunities for students to meet or exceed expectations also increase when educators strive to prepare students for life and

not only for state assessments. It seems likely that if campuses place curriculum, instruction, and relevant learning as the school-wide focus, then success on state assessments will occur. Teaching and learning can be favorably influenced when campus administrators engage in the practices that follow.

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