Staff Meeting: A Strategy to Talk about Critical Thinking

August 26, 2013

As you and your staff prepare for the new school year, you may already be focusing some of your Common Core training on critical thinking. Below is an activity that will lend some structure to the process of developing a reading comprehension lesson that can help students incorporate every level of critical thinking.

Imagine a Skyscraper…

First, have staff members think of Bloom’s Taxonomy as a tall building, with the lowest levels of critical thinking at the bottom, tapering off to the highest levels of thinking at the top.

Then, divide staff members into groups. Provide each group with a pre-selected text or short story, and ask each group to use the skyscraper analogy to develop a classroom lesson that includes critical thinking questions and teaching strategies based on the given text.

Incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • At the base of the building, the lowest level of critical thinking, is remembering. Can the student recall facts about the information? Questions include the words “define,” “list,” “state,” etc.
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