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Total Motivation Math Teacher Edition

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Total Motivation Math Teacher Edition

Total Motivation Math addresses 100% of the California Common Core State Standards and prepares students to excel on high-stakes assessments by building their critical thinking skills.

Delivered in both print and online formats, Total Motivation Math allows greater flexibility in the classroom. Teachers have access to all of the standards, unpacked and explained, along with proven strategies for formative assessment, intervention, and extension, allowing teachers to spend their time assessing and meeting the diverse needs in the classroom.

Teach Math in Real-World Contexts

  • Hands-on activities and manipulatives introduce new concepts through engaging and relevant contexts.
  • A strong focus on academic vocabulary helps students develop math literacy.
  • Student practice embeds critical thinking, placing emphasis on mathematical processes rather than just on the final solution.
  • An expansive collection of instructional activities provides teachers with strategies for addressing each learning modality through a variety of settings—teacher-led instruction, partner and independent practice, and small groups.

The Teacher Edition complements any existing curriculum or scope and sequence to fill learning gaps and increase rigor.

  • Equips teachers with in‐depth knowledge of the California Common Core State Standards with each standard unpacked and explained in detail.
  • Provides access to the best research‐based strategies and classroom activities—all in one resource.

The Student Edition provides teachers with a valuable resource to support guided practice, group activities, or one‐on‐one instruction—in print and online.

  • Enables students to master the standards with relevant content that integrates formative assessments and supports cross‐curricular connections.
  • Encourages higher‐level thinking skills with embedded critical thinking applications.
  • Provides differentiated instruction based on the needs of your students.

Real‐time progress monitoring eliminates the guesswork and:

  • Allows educators to monitor student progress at the individual, school, and district level.
  • Identifies learning gaps—understand what your students know and what they still need to learn.
  • Pinpoints the students who require intervention to provide immediate support.

* Minimum order of 25 Students Editions per subject and level required.

** Student and Teacher pricing includes one print edition and an annual Motivation Online license for the applicable school year. One Teacher Edition with Motivation Online license is included with each purchase for 25 students.


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