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Take a Day for
Critical Thinking
YOU'RE INVITED When: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Where: Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa (Get Directions) Who: CA elementary teachers and instructional leaders
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Important Dates

June 15, 2016 Super early bird pricing ends

July 15, 2016 Early bird pricing ends

August 3, 2016 Critical Thinking LIVE begins

  • Shifting Teacher and Student Roles: An Essential Component to Thinking that Leads to Transfer Karin K. Hess, Ed.D.

    What does the research say about deeper understanding? When students begin to construct knowledge, instead of simply reproducing it, long-term memory is activated. This only happens when teachers shift from using strategies that support surface learning to strategies that encourage deeper thinking and transfer. Karin will share practical ways to shift questioning, develop more complex and engaging tasks, and support learners through strategic scaffolding.
  • Does All Critical Thinking Lead to Deeper Understanding? Karin K. Hess, Ed.D.

    Sometimes what we think is critical thinking may not actually lead to deeper understanding. Karin will open this discussion by defining the concepts of critical thinking and “cognitive rigor” and dispel some common misconceptions about Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Using Karin’s Cognitive Rigor Matrix, we'll analyze some classroom examples.
  • Fusing Critical Thinking with Kinesthetic Learning

    Learning is an active process—we remember best what we DO—and research has shown that thinking and movement are inextricably linked. Experience four kinesthetic learning strategies designed to kick start students’ critical thinking skills. You’ll walk away with ideas to immediately implement in your own classroom.
  • Total Motivation | Choose: Math, ELA, or
    Science for the Next Generation

    Explore the rigorous content of Total Motivation and learn how to use the print-and-online supplemental curriculum to create effective lessons that support the teaching of the standards, elicit a high level of student engagement, and develop critical thinking skills. Designed for educators currently teaching with Total Motivation as well as those who are new to the resource.
  • Go Digital with Formative Assessment and Critical Thinking

    Improve teaching and learning by integrating three vital components: digital tools, critical thinking, and formative assessment. Practice engaging with a variety of digital tools and create an implementation plan to help you monitor student progress and deepen students’ level of thinking.
  • Motivation Online

    Get a crash course in using Motivation Online, the digital content platform of Total Motivation, to learn how to use real-time progress monitoring to direct effective and engaging instruction based on quality formative assessment. Designed for educators currently teaching with Total Motivation as well as those who are new to the resource.
8:00am:Coffee Bar & Registration
9:00am:General Session with Karin Hess
10:00am:Breakout Session 1
11:00am:Breakout Session 2
12:00pm:Keynote with Karin Hess & Lunch
1:45pm (Optional):
Breakout Session 3
Registration Information
Registration for Critical Thinking LIVE Includes:
  • One day of interactive sessions that empower educators to promote student-centered learning
  • Keynote from Dr. Karin Hess, acclaimed education author and speaker
  • Professional development support for educators teaching with Total Motivation
  • Lunch and conversation with critical thinking visionaries and your peers in Southern California
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Contact Lauren Lowery with questions about Critical Thinking LIVE.
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