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Developing Students as Critical Thinkers

Critical ThinkingDeveloping critical thinking skills in the 21st century is more important than ever before. Each year the world seems to increase in complexity. With a wide range of information at the fingertips of students, learning how to process information is crucial. Developing students as critical thinkers equips them to face and deal with challenges they will most likely encounter in an uncertain future. With this in mind, it stands to reason that schools place critical thinking at the center of instruction. All individuals can be taught to think critically. Beginning in the early years, critical thinking must be nurtured and encouraged throughout K-12 education. Critical thinking includes cognitive skills and habits of mind. While there is not general agreement on a single definition, there is consensus on the importance of critical thinking as a life-long skill. This paper will focus on the aspect of critical thinking in education. Hopefully, educators will recognize the need for and accept the responsibility of developing students as critical thinkers.

Click here to download the Critical Thinking white paper.