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  • ThinkUp! Digital Component

    With your purchase of ThinkUp!, you also get access to the digital component at The digital component allows you to:

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  • System Requirements

    Following are the minimum system requirements for the Total Motivation learning platform. Please verify and test all requirements before use.

    1. System Requirements

    1.1 Computer Hardware & Operating System

    Minimum Requirements

    1.2 Web Browser

    Latest browser versions can be found here.

    1.3 Other Software Requirements

    No additional special software is required.

    1.4 Tablets

    2. Internet Requirements

    3. Network Requirements

    Network content/web filtering, caching, proxying and packet shaping must be bypassed for the following domains for both http and https, for the content types HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, GIF/JPEG/PNG. If caching or proxying webpages by default, these domains must be added to your non-cache/non-proxy lists:

    Because IP addresses may change, use domain names to bypass network content filtering, caching, proxying and packet shaping. Use the wildcard exception syntax appropriate for your specific network devices.


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