Team ThinkUp!

Team ThinkUp! offers educators and students a common language for critical thinking instruction at the classroom level. The focus is on making thinking visible by encouraging students to self-assess their understanding and usage of The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ during learning.

The Ultimate Critical Thinking Tool Designed for Students

Designed to promote critical thinking for grades K–8, Team ThinkUp! includes a full-color student activity book, containing one unit for each of The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™: Adapt, Examine, Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Inquire, Link, Reflect, and Strive. With Team ThinkUp!, you’ll not only be teaching your students about the 9 traits, you’ll be empowering them to use critical thinking at school, at home, and throughout life!

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Mentoring Minds ELA Managing Editor Connie Moore Introduces Team ThinkUp!

Team ThinkUp! is an opportunity for students to see the critical thinking traits in action.”

Connie Moore
ELA Managing Editor, Mentoring Minds

Critical Thinking for Every Grade Level

Team ThinkUp! for Kindergarten introduces these traits in the context of a fairytale, folktale or fable using poetic form. This poetic expression becomes a shared reading for early learners. And teachers tell us that their young learners love the poems and are engaged with the colorful designs of the Team ThinkUp! Activity Book, a great way to instill critical thinking at a young age.

In Team ThinkUp! for Grades 1–6, lessons feature people, animals, events and literary characters to introduce, model and develop each trait through the lenses of ELA, Math and Science. At this level, students begin to reflect on their thinking and growth as learners. Students enjoy engaging with lessons that feature real people and events. Educators tell us this inspires students and promotes critical thinking in a real-world context. It’s something students care about because it’s something they can identify with.

Team ThinkUp! for Grades 6–8 offers an integration of the 9 Traits and the study of poetry. For Grades 6-8, the product is intended to be implemented in ELA classes. Each unit teaches a different poetic form and connects it to a critical thinking trait. Educators say that watching their students develop into thinkers who can form poetry is both empowering and inspiring.

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