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Webinar: "Go Digital With Formative Assessment & Critical Thinking"

Presented by: Mentoring Minds

Hosted by: Education Week

When: 3 pm CT, Tuesday, March 8




About the webinar: 21st century learning embraces the use of digital tools to enhance instruction. In this webinar, we’ll explore research-based practices utilizing digital tools to formatively assess and support critical thinking. We’ll also address how this integration can help monitor, improve, and maximize instructional opportunities. Based on formative assessment data, teachers can ensure students make progress towards the mastery of all standards. Webinar participants will be challenged to develop an implementation plan to immediately integrate the tools into instruction to support critical thinking and timely formative assessment. Join us to share your ideas about technology integration that spur innovative thinking.

Guest: Rebecca Stobaugh, associate professor, Western Kentucky University

Moderator: Kim Brody, director of professional development, Mentoring Minds