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Georgia State Standards and Common Core Standards Crosswalk

Mentoring Minds offers a crosswalk resource that presents an alignment of standards. The intent of this crosswalk is twofold:Mentoring Minds | Critical Thinking For Life

  • To inform thinking about the inclusion of the Common Core Standards (CCS) within educational resources created by Mentoring Minds
  • To assist in an understanding of the comparison between Mentoring Minds’ resources for the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts/Mathematics and Georgia’s current expectations for students

  • This crosswalk publication benefits educators by presenting the standards alignment that can be used to inform instruction, plan professional learning, and determine necessary curriculum materials that enhance implementation of the standards. The alignment of the standards documents provides a consistent framework to ensure that students are successfully prepared for success in college and in the 21st century workplace and prepared to compete in a global society.  Download the key to interpret these crosswalks.


    Click here to download the ELA CCSS - CCGPS Crosswalk

    Click here to download the Math CCSS - CCGPS Crosswalk