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Student Intervention Support Checklist


Response to Intervention Strategies Flip Chart

The Response to Intervention Strategies Flip Chart provides quick and easy access to strategies in a tabbed,  
8.5” x 11.5” flip chart format.

• Offers information and strategies to effectively implement tiered instruction

• Assists educators in implementing 
academic and behavioral interventions

• Provides instructional strategies to engage students in learning and ensure student success



Differentiated Instruction Guide

The Differentiated Instruction Guide is a K-12 resource in a compact 6” x 9” flip chart.

• Provides foundational information to build a differentiated learning environment

• Offers techniques, strategies and tools to promote differentiation 

• Helps educators analyze, plan, and deliver effective classroom instruction


Click Here to download the Student Intervention Support Checklist.



Response to Intervention Strategies Flip Chart Differentiated Instruction Guide
Provide an instructional framework for preventing academic and behavioral difficulties
Build a common language to discuss a tiered intervention process
Conduct universal screening to identify students who are at risk for failure
Implement tiered academic/behavioral interventions
Address learning gaps through multiple tiers of increasingly intensive instructional interventions  
Use assessment data to plan differentiated instruction
Provide effective general education instruction
Use flexible grouping
Frequently monitor at-risk students’ progress toward meeting grade-level performance goals
Adjust instruction and interventions as data indicates
Establish an environment that addresses diverse learners’ needs  
Conduct targeted, small-group intervention
Equip teachers with quality resources to meet individual needs of at-risk students
Employ tools to design instruction and develop interventions aligned with student needs
Have access to multiple interventions, strategies, and techniques
Tailor instruction to meet student needs to help struggling students improve academic skills


This checklist is designed to help you select appropriate resources for addressing academic and/or behavioral challenges, and help you plan and develop strategies, techniques, and interventions that close learning gaps for your at-risk students. Refer to the appropriate resource on the right.