One of the most important reasons educators across the country are moving toward an integrated curriculum is to prepare students to be part of a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workforce. As the world continues to become more focused on tech, students need to be prepared for specialized work in computer science and other technology-driven industries to excel. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to provide students with devices in the classroom that will allow them to build the skills they need to succeed. It’s equally important that teachers have the resources to learn these skills themselves, so as to effectively foster student growth. Luckily, there is a wide range of online resources to help teachers learn and implement STEM skills in their classrooms. Here is a list of five great STEM resources for educators:

PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center

PBS is a long time provider of STEM-related television programs. On the PBS teachers website, the non-profit offers up a number of STEM resources for educators, including free webinars and professional development tools. The site conveniently categorizes each of the four subject areas, making it easy to search for specific content.

NASA Electronic Professional Development Network

This program offers free online certifications for K-12 teachers in subject areas such as robotics, statistics and technology integration. Each interactive course totals over 52 hours of instruction and is full of NASA content. These courses are available online and make it easy for teachers to go at their own pace. Furthermore, educators can connect with peers across the country to discuss implementing the content in the classroom.

National Science Foundation – Resources for STEM Education

The National Science Foundation has an entire website devoted to providing STEM resources for educators. The site has a number of professional development and assessment resources, as well as instructional materials. Moreover, the NSF provides links to a plethora of other STEM programs found online.

National STEM Video Game Challenge

This is a multi-year challenge open to middle and high school students as well as educators. Participants are tasked with creating a game that can be designed in one of several different game-making platforms. Since the challenge’s inception in 2011, it has attracted developers of all skill levels and encouraged students to get involved in STEM subjects.


​Exploratorium is an informal educational space to inspire creativity and curiosity in students and teachers alike. The website has an expansive list of resources for educators, and promises to make science interactive and fun.