If spring is near, can testing season be far behind? With this thought in mind, it is never too early to begin preparing for state and/or national assessments. Advanced planning can go far in preventing last-minute test jitters for campus administrators. Consider the following tips to ensure a smooth testing process on your campus:

Test, exam

  • Identify small or special group testing needs, and assign students to groups, testing locations, and test administrators. Ensure that all required paperwork has been completed if students have special testing accommodations.
  • Conduct test administrator training on your campus. Maintain a file that includes a training sign-in sheet and all signed oaths of confidentiality.
  • Check test materials as they are received from the district assessment coordinator. Order additional testing materials as early as possible. If you have students who will test using large print or Braille materials, ensure that these materials have been ordered well in advance.
  • Prepare test booklet tracking forms for each test administrator on the campus. Record the sequence of test materials that each test administrator will receive for each test.
  • Make and laminate “TESTING – Do Not Disturb” signs on brightly colored paper for teachers to place on their doors. These signs may be reused for subsequent test administrations.
  • Purchase plastic tubs or large size zipper bags and label them for each test administrator. Place all testing materials in each tub or bag along with a supply of sharpened pencils, a test booklet roster, special reminders, the “Do Not Disturb” sign, and a “teacher treat” such as a bag of peanuts or a candy bar.
  • Plan well in advance how to revise schedules for special classes on test days. Notify all teachers, both testing and non-testing, at least a week in advance so that all staff will be familiar with revisions to the daily schedule.
  • Send home a “testing reminder” notice with all students, testing and non-testing, the day before the test. The note should not only remind parents of the testing date(s) and subject(s), but it should also provide tips for parents to help their children be well-rested and prepared for the test. Parents want their children to do well on tests, but are often at a loss for ways they can help