EdSurge and Digital Promise have teamed up to create an inaugural award program honoring innovations in educational technology, and in doing so have noticed several trends in the geography of Ed Tech app development. Based on submissions for the first annual Digital Innovation in Learning Awards, also known as the DILAs, the collaborating companies have been able to map out which states and regions are making massive contributions to Ed Tech.

Unsurprisingly, California is rife with industry innovators, but at the same time the state is not the only big contributor. New York, Illinois, and Texas also show high numbers of Ed Tech developments. In fact, the Eastern and Central time zones make up 38 and 22 percent of DILA applications, respectively. These findings showcase the fact that implementing an integrated curriculum has become a goal for educators and tech innovators nationwide.

What Are the DILAs? 

Ed Tech is still relatively young and the collaboration between EdSurge and Digital Promise is working to reward those advancing the development of fully blended classrooms. The application and nomination process is open for educators and innovators worldwide until October 1. Those nominated are required to put together a video submission and complete an application by the deadline. Fifteen awards will be handed out at a ceremony in California’s Bay Area. The DILAs hope to help Ed Tech developers create a community and collaborate, as well as get the word out about the products they’ve already created.

The Map 

The map created based on DILA applications and nominations illuminates certain trends as to what regions are particularly invested in Ed Tech. According to EdSurge, California thus far has 19 percent of domestic applications and nearly 26 percent of nominations. The Golden State as of late has made headlines with the Los Angeles Unified School District’s gigantic 1:1 implementation that went askew, but despite setbacks, California has proven to be dedicated to Ed Tech innovation. The presence of Silicon Valley tech firms also adds to the state’s contributions to the industry.

New York has the second highest percentage of domestic applications. States that ranked third through fifth in applications are Illinois, Texas, and Minnesota, respectively. Internationally, England has the most DILA applications.

Interestingly enough, Ed Tech innovations seem to be in states with major metropolises such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Since the school districts in these hubs are the largest in the country, Ed Tech companies are likely more motivated to introduce products in these areas.