A major issue for educators, administrators, and school districts is how to ensure the security of student data when implementing an integrated curriculum. Teachers have always had to be aware of classroom security, making sure students don’t have belongings physically stolen; however, as technology gets more advanced, this problem moves to the digital sphere as well. Modern-day classrooms employ a wide range of Ed Tech devices, and many classrooms utilize Wi-Fi.

More broadly, school districts use cloud computing to store enormous amounts of student data, some of which is sensitive. The current state of cybersecurity can endanger many users, particularly because many of them don’t create unique, strong passwords or implement two-step security identification systems. Yet, it is extremely important for educators to not only have a handle on their personal cybersecurity, but also on the security of their students.

Ed Tech is Still Young

One of the major challenges facing Ed Tech developers and school districts is that the common usage of devices in the classroom is still a relatively new concept. Since every district is exploring unique security measures, Ed Tech providers are left without a firm way of designing programs to meet each district’s requirements. Essentially, the educational system on a national scale has yet to implement best practices for securing student data, which presents a challenge for both educators and developers. With that said, early adopters of blended learning have demonstrated its value in today’s classrooms, but in the process of advancing education, the potential dangers have also been exposed. However, the rewards certainly outweigh the risks, meaning that educators must properly address security with students to create tech-friendly, safe learning environments.

The Importance of Strong Passwords

Hackers often access user information by phishing or stealing usernames and passwords. In particular, weak passwords provide hackers with easy access to sensitive accounts and personal information. It is extremely important for teachers to help students create individual, strong passwords for every application and program. This might make it challenging for some students to remember all of their unique information, but it is necessary to ensure data security. Luckily, bundle apps such as Clever make it possible to log in to multiple programs at once without having to fret over entering usernames and passwords into every single application. Simultaneously, such apps add an extra layer of security.