There have been many technological advances in the world of education, so it’s becoming more and more natural to use technology as part of effective teaching strategies.

Teachers might be wondering how to integrate the use of technology into the curriculum — what devices and applications to use, how to teach with these tools and how to make lesson plans that implement them.

Research from MCH Data found that 28 percent of first-year teachers are more likely to buy supplementary materials such as useful apps, and since many are new to the grade or subject, they are more open to new and different ideas, approaches, and products.

Students may be Comfortable With Technology

Teachers should keep in mind that many students will have personal access to technology in their homes. Their parents will likely own computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices, so children are used to working and playing on these machines. Therefore, it makes sense to integrate the use of technology into the classroom setting because it will be familiar, making it easier for kids to learn and understand new lessons. Additionally, teachers might be concerned about how to keep control of a class, but technology is a great way to avoid boredom because it can be interactive and visually stimulating. Kids are more likely to engage in the lesson at hand if they find it interesting and appealing.

Understand the Technology

It’s important for all educators, both novices and veterans, to learn and understand the technology they’ll be using before applying it to their classroom. Chances are you understand how to navigate a computer, smartphone, and tablet , but there may be education-specific apps or programs to be learned and become comfortable with before school begins. It’s understandable that if someone is not well-versed in something, they will shy away from sharing it with others. This applies to technology as well. Teachers must be fully trained, so they will feel more ready and willing to implement technology as part of their educational strategies.

Choose Technology Suited to the Subject

Another helpful strategy for teachers is to make sure they choose technology and programming that supports the subject they are teaching. Once teachers implement these strategies, they can gauge the effectiveness of devices and applications to determine if any adjustments need to be made.