It should be no surprise that tech giant Google released a preview of its new Classroom application on Teacher Appreciation Day. The company has been working diligently for some time to create a wide range of digital tools that focus on creative curriculum development and classroom management. Google is among several tech firms such as Microsoft and Apple that are courting educational systems to invest in devices and applications. This interest strongly hints at the growing demand for curriculum integration, as educators nationwide find more and more ways to build efficient technological classrooms. Now Google has announced that the Classroom application is free for educators around the world as part of the Google Apps for Education suite.

Tech Companies Get Serious About Education

Many educational technology startups and established companies have created applications similar to Classroom. However, as Google is such an enormous entity, the company has the potential to shake things up a little bit. In contrast to most startups, Google not only has the funding and R&D team to make an impact, it also has devices on which its educational applications can run. Chromebooks have recently been adopted by some school systems, serving as perfect platforms for Google’s educational application suite. The Apps for Education suite boasts over 30 million users worldwide, demonstrating the tremendous reach Google has in the education sector.

More than 100,000 educators around the globe requested to test the preview in May. Since then, Google has taken the feedback of thousands of teachers to tweak the Classroom app that it just released. Classroom is available in 42 languages and serves as an application for creating and managing assignments, as well as communicating with students. Considering that many educators already make use of other Google applications, The Classroom app could very well be the next step to complete classroom management. Classroom integrates the use of content management and communication tools including Google Drive, Docs, and Gmail to streamline the company’s tech offerings into one efficient system.

Though the new, free app by Google is certainly a powerful classroom tool, it’s important for educators to find tech apps to manage content that best fit their particular needs. While Classroom may work for one teacher, others might find services such as Blackboard or Doctopus to be more efficient. No matter what apps are used, teachers can increase efficiency and benefit students by utilizing technology to effectively manage their classroom.