We can all agree it is essential that school leaders focus on building effectiveness among their teachers. However, it is just as important for leaders to monitor the efficacy exhibited by themselves and that of the administrative team. The collective behaviors of administrators can have a huge impact on teachers.

Mentoring Minds offers the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ as an opportunity for students to improve thinking and navigate any challenges faced in the classroom and throughout life. When a school adopts these 9 traits as a means to improve thinking, it is crucial that the building principal and the administrative team show support for the initiative.

The Administrator Self-Assessment Tool for 9 Traits of Critical Thinking helps school leaders take a quick look and assess the level of support demonstrated for the 9 traits and to determine future actions. To gain an accurate rating, we recommend giving sincere responses. This helps to establish a baseline for continued growth and to set and evaluate personal goals. The more leaders infuse the traits into conversations, daily routines, or staff meetings, the more visible and valued thinking becomes in the school and its community. Revisiting the rating scale helps the school leader and administrative team members self-evaluate and benchmark goals for progress and sustain growth toward all trait indicators.


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