This is the second blog post in our series covering the six modules available in the new Mentoring Minds Resource library. Our first post featured the Parent and Family Engagement module—just in case you missed it. 😊

Now, let’s zero in on the Standards Mastery module—it’s your go-to guide for developing engaging lessons you can feel confident will address the depth and breadth of each standard. Our Standards Mastery module provides an easily accessible reference for conducting formative assessments and asking critical-thinking questions in the moment.

Here’s a closer look at the module components.

Getting Started:

Screenshot shows user selection of TEKS. Other standards available: CCSS, NC, MI, and CA.

Each panel in Standards Mastery begins with the full text of the standard and a bulleted breakdown of its key concepts. For ELA, key concepts are fully explained, providing their relation to the standard and suggestions for integration into instruction. For Math and Science, Common Errors/Misconceptions and Teacher-to-Teacher Tips give teachers insight into what to expect. Think gleaning great insight from experienced colleagues!


  • Vocabulary Mastery
    Students need language to think about, to discuss, and to apply key concepts. The Vocabulary Mastery section provides a list of standards-based vocabulary and an easily implemented, hands-on vocabulary activity. Think paper clips and index cards or sticky notes and colored pencils!
  • Building Mastery
    Students need engaging activities that target key concepts. The Building Mastery section provides two research-based activities that will motivate your students to work with partners or small groups. Think lively conversations that encourage students to apply, analyze, and evaluate key concepts in context!


  • Formative Assessment
    Students need opportunities to check for understanding of key concepts within a standard. The Formative Assessment section provides a quick check that teachers can use to tailor instruction. Think color-coded diagrams, charts, or other visuals that convey student understanding at a glance!
  • Summative Assessment Examples
    Students need opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the standard. The Summative Assessment Examples section provides a thorough evaluation of student understanding. Think application of the complete standard in context with a written response!


Each panel of Standards Mastery provides one or two intervention activities for use with students who need more instruction or support. Think break it down into smaller parts, simplify the components, or look at it from another angle, and try again!


Each panel of Standards Mastery provides an extension activity that invites students to demonstrate deeper thinking about the standard. Think what else can we do with this new knowledge?

Critical Thinking Focus:

Each panel of Standards Mastery identifies and emphasizes two of the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking that exemplify key concepts of the focus standard. Think spirited discussions and written responses that push students to think beyond the standard, beyond the subject, and even beyond the classroom!

The Standards Mastery component of our app will guide you step-by-step as you instruct for mastery of the standards and more. From the initial stages of lesson planning to intervention, extension, and critical thinking—Standards Mastery is a convenient, ready reference that you’ll use again and again.

Keep following this series for a breakdown of everything our new resource library has to offer. Our next post will highlight the Vocabulary Cards module. (Hint—they’re printable!)