Imagine an environment where parents, students, and educators have strong working relationships, with everyone actively participating in the education of children. Research confirms that a key element in student success is the involvement of family. An effective way to strengthen home-school relationships and promote understanding is by using the parent engagement content in our new resource library. This is the first in a series of six posts that will highlight each of the modules that are now available right from your smartphone.

This convenient mobile app delivers beneficial, relevant, and timely parent engagement material and strategies in two components:

  • Parent and Family Engagement for Teachers
  • Parent, Family, and Community Engagement for Principals

Family and school interactions have changed rapidly over recent challenges in our day-to-day lives. Our Parent Engagement modules offer quick access to effective ideas, strategies, and tips that guide teachers and administrators in garnering parental support to help children learn. Parents are essential in keeping children focused on academic success and providing emotional support to adapt to any changes.

Let’s take a closer look at how educators and parents can join forces to make sure children get the quality education they need.

For Teachers

  • Parent and Family Engagement for Teachers helps teachers understand their role in working with parents and families to garner support for student success. This teacher-focused module communicates high expectations for parent and family engagement, advocates the importance of two-way communication, and suggests strategies to engage parents and families in supporting student learning. Title I schools are required to engage parents and families in school; however, research supports engaging parents and families of all students and in all schools.
  • A wide range of strategies that teachers can share with parents are included in this module. Through teachers, this content assists schools in:
    • helping parents learn more about their roles in their children’s education
    • hosting family nights, well-planned parent-teacher conferences, and open houses
  • This resource also addresses areas that are important for student success in school and beyond (e.g., setting goals, developing good study skills, time management, and organization). Teachers learn what they can do in the classroom and how to talk to and guide parents in becoming contributing partners in their children’s education in the home or school setting.
  • A Teacher Self-Reflection tool is provided to help teachers evaluate the effectiveness of their relationships with the parents.
  • Colorful cartoons are infused to add variety, interject humor, and facilitate or reinforce pertinent points.

For Principals

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement for Principals was created to support administrators as they cultivate a school environment that continuously strengthens and impacts student achievement. The main goal is to enhance the leadership of school principals as they effectively plan and implement parent engagement activities. This resource also includes strategies for developing programs and policies that offer sustained benefits for parents, children, educators, the school, and the community.

Administrators often place instructional resources as a priority before purchasing parent engagement resources. However, parent engagement does affect instruction. Parent and family engagement should be a school-wide focus, not an isolated ‘here-and-there focus’. The Parent, Family, and Community Engagement for Principals module assists school leaders as they:

  • establish a school culture that embraces parent, family, and community engagement
  • build relationships and communication between and among parents, teachers, administrators, and the community
  • work to increase respect for the school and for education
  • garner support for the school from the parents and the community

School leaders have easy access to tips, self-assessment tools, colorful humorous cartoons, FAQs, research, and numerous articles to guide their development of school, family, and community partnerships. These partnerships will ultimately improve school climate, resulting in student success.

The benefits are far-reaching when schools secure and sustain parent engagement in the education of children.

A synthesis of research (a sampling of which is shared within the app) indicates that when parents are actively engaged in the education—no matter the family income or background—their children are more likely to experience higher grades. They also attend school more regularly, improve social skills and behavior, and seem to adapt better to the school environment.

Check out the next post in this series where we take a deeper dive into our Standards Mastery module. To learn more about and/or to get the app: