Educational technology is a pivotal tool to any successful classroom implementing an integrated curriculum. Recently, however, the implementation of Ed Tech has caused some debate among educational professionals. This is mostly because teachers and administrators throughout the educational world have differing expectations of what developments devices will bring in the classroom.

For teachers looking to enter the school year with increased use of Ed Tech, it’s imperative to set realistic goals. Of course, every teacher enters the year with ambition and energy. However, without a detailed tech plan, your best ideas may never reach fruition. To make the most of tablets, laptops, or any other technology, have defined goals for how these devices will be utilized throughout the year.

Talk with Others

A good tech plan relies on everyone being informed. When you introduce students to technology, set expectations about how it is to be used and the ultimate purpose it serves. Parents should also be kept in the loop, so they can assist you in accomplishing your long-term goals. Furthermore, talk with other teachers and administrators to gather ideas and insights. For technology to be used effectively, everyone involved must be on the same page.

Establish Relevance

Despite the mass movement toward supporting blended learning, many parents and educational professionals remain skeptical. Tech-wary educators have good intentions, so the best way to prove to them the value of technology is by demonstrating relevancy. Plan assignments that allow students to display what they have learned.

For example, blogs are a tremendous resource for teachers to publish student work. Published work and adept web skills are becoming increasingly important tools in finding a job. A classroom blog is a platform for professionally displaying what your students have learned. As the job market grows increasingly competitive, being able to present key deliverables produced by students will help you reach your tech goals and show administrators that the devices are successful.

Be Flexible

Prepare yourself for minor setbacks. There’s always the possibility that you’ll have to adjust or rework your tech goals. Rather than get discouraged, find ways to collaborate. Students have as much to teach about technology as they do to learn, and educators can team up with their students to make the most of classroom tech. Work with students to make your classroom a space that focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity.