If you’re looking for ways to develop a more creative curriculum for the coming school year, consider challenging students to design infographics. Though infographics traditionally require a significant amount of design knowledge to create, the award-winning Ed Tech tool Easelly—stylized to Easel.ly—makes designing infographics simple.

Developing ​these informative images is a tremendous way to implement a blended curriculum, considering the fact that they require students to research a topic, identify important information, and utilize technology. Not only that, but Easelly is a free service that can be accessed via a Web browser, making it possible for any teacher to use without having to worry about paying out of pocket or owning the right devices.

Why Infographics?

An infographic is a interesting way of displaying information efficiently and effectively. The multimedia presentation of graphics, charts, and words make information digestible and shareable, giving students a perfect way to visually display data and present research findings. There are many styles of infographics that can be used to display complex data, raise brand awareness, and educate audiences. This way of presenting information is great for visual learners, engaging some students more than written text.

What is Easelly?

Easelly is a website that was launched in 2012, providing educators and businesses with thousands of infographic templates. The company specifically highlights lesson plans and business presentations as great documents to present in the form of an infographic. The simple formatting negates the need for graphic design skills and advanced technology know-how, allowing students to use the program independently. Not only does Easelly have an extensive template library, it also allows users to upload images and build infographics from scratch.

For Students and Teachers

Easelly is a fantastic tool to implement in your classroom, but it can also be used to present lesson plans to administration. Teachers can utilize Easelly to network information and share classroom ideas. Easelly won the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Award from the American Association of School Librarians in the media sharing category in 2013. Infographics are an essential skill for modern-day learners looking to enter a workforce that expects information to be conveyed quickly and articulately. Teachers and students alike will be able to benefit from the use of Easelly and other applications that create an integrated curriculum.