In regard to technology, it’s easy to say some educators are just set in their ways. A teacher might believe that because certain instructional methods have been working for years, they don’t need to be updated. However, with technology being necessary for academic and career success, it is important to find positive ways to steer teachers toward an integrated curriculum. Guiding teachers toward technology is not about who is right or wrong, nor is it about personal teaching style.

Because technology is such an integral part of today’s world to be neglected, students deserve technologically integrated classrooms. That is why helping teachers feel comfortable with technology is so important. Confident teachers that have a thorough understanding of how to use devices such as SMART boards, computers, or tablets can then utilize them effectively in their classrooms. Here are some tips for helping teachers warm up to tech.

Individualize Professional Development

Not every teacher will be excited to use a brand new SMART board, but educators could be comfortable with different technologies. A certain English teacher might be particularly apprehensive to adopt tablets for reading, but maybe those devices would be perfect for a science teacher. Rather than mandate technology, work with teachers individually to provide them with the materials they need to make the most of their classrooms.

Use Scaffolding

Some educators might not find technology useful to their classroom because they do not utilize it personally. Technology advances too quickly for anyone to be entirely in-the-know. However, scaffolding basic computer skills across mobile and smart devices will give teachers more confidence when approaching new technology. As teachers become more comfortable using technology in the classroom, full integration will come naturally.

Approach Technology in Small Steps

Becoming a confident teacher in the classroom is something that takes time. That’s one of the reasons making a classroom paradigm shift  toward integration can cause anxiety in some educators. Avoid overwhelming a technology-wary teacher with a million ideas for his or her classroom at once. Provide useful tips that will help scaffold a teacher’s understanding of technology.