This is the third blog post in our series introducing the six modules available in the new Mentoring Minds Resource library. Our first post featured the Parent and Family Engagement module, and the second highlighted our Standards Mastery module. Now, let’s explore the Vocabulary Cards module.

Words are power! With the Vocabulary Cards module, essential vocabulary gives teachers and students the power to understand words and phrases critical for understanding and applying the standards.

Why were they created?

The Vocabulary Cards were developed for students to gain deep knowledge of the key words and phrases used in the standards. For both teachers and students, the Vocabulary Cards provide appropriate definitions and practical examples of the words and phrases that appear in the standards.

How do I use this module?

Click on the desired subject area and grade level, and a numbered list of vocabulary words will appear. Select a word to view, and its vocabulary card appears. Each card includes the vocabulary word/phrase in bold print on one side, and definition(s) and example(s) of the word/phrase on the reverse side.

Examples include:

  • a sentence using the word in context
  • a chart providing examples of the word (e.g., if the vocabulary word is rock, then the example might be a chart of the different types of rocks)
  • an image or graphic (e.g., if the vocabulary word is diagram, then the example might be an image of a diagram)
  • a model (e.g., if the vocabulary word is poem, then the example might be an actual poem)

Teachers can expand the card to full screen using the icon on the bottom left, and they can also print each card to create a full-size flashcard using the print icon on the top right.

How can the module be used?

The Vocabulary Card module can be used in a variety of ways:

Students can:

    • view the cards individually to quiz themselves
    • focus on words they do not know
    • partner with other students to practice identifying and using words

Teachers can:

    • guide students to specific cards, depending on the standard they are addressing
    • print specific cards to create flashcard sets for student use
    • display specific cards on the full screen view
    • prepare summative or formative assessments using the words and definitions

The Vocabulary Cards module provides students and teachers with a dynamic tool to develop deep understandings of essential words and phrases. Understanding vocabulary is the fuel that creates the power to achieve success!

Stay tuned! 😊 Next week we’ll dig into the effective and timely strategies shared in our Social and Emotional Learning module.