You’re an ace at engaging students with critical thinking strategies. You know how active learning helps motivate students. But what if you find your own inspiration wilting?

For many teachers, it’s difficult to maintain the energy and momentum that were abundant at the beginning of the school year. Every teacher faces uncertainties and downturns, from bumps in the road while implementing Common Core State Standards to specific issues with students and parents.

To motivate staff to achieve high standards, many administrators and teachers employ inspirational quotes to build a clear vision and maintain enthusiasm throughout the twists and turns of academic life.

The right words make a difference, and quotes can come from almost any source, from ancient proverbs to modern philosophers. Quotes can be shared within almost any context or format, from meeting introductions to weekly memos.

Be choosy about your quotes

If you’re selecting quotes to share with other teachers, think about the messages that would most benefit your colleagues. Look for quotes that communicate ideas like:

  • You’re not alone.
  • It’s difficult – but important – to be brave.
  • Your daily instruction will change the future.

Quotes can also convey school values, such as:

  • We support each other.
  • We work together to be successful.
  • We’re flexible – if one technique doesn’t work, there are others we can try.
  • We’re serious about education, but we also have a sense of humor.

Some favorite quotes to inspire teachers

  • We can’t wait for the storm to pass. We must learn to work in the rain. – Peter Silas
  • Learning from a teacher who has stopped learning is like drinking from a stagnant pond. –Indonesian Proverb
  • Teachers are the architects of the future. When they teach one child, they touch future generations forever. – Unknown
  • Dare to help every child excel, for it is only then when you have dared to be the very best educator you can be. – Sylvia Hooker