Earlier this month, we asked you why you teach and we loved all of your feedback. We also asked the educators at Mentoring Minds why they chose teaching and they all had inspiring answers. Our educators are just like you – they have a passion for education and are devoted to learning. Here’s what some of our educators had to say:

Michael Lujan, M. Ed., Founder of Mentoring Minds

The moment I walked through the doors of an elementary campus as a substitute teacher, I just knew in my heart was supposed to be there. Once the children came into the classroom and looked up at me with those big, bright eyes, I knew I had discovered my life’s calling. I think all teachers who are really ‘meant’ to be teachers know what I’m talking about. There’s no better way to leave a legacy on the planet than impacting children’s lives through education so they can one day enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

Sandra Love, Ed.D.

I wanted to be a teacher because of someone who made a positive difference in my life when I was young. I never forgot it and it became a strong desire to impact others and pay it forward. I found it was my passion and I never quit learning. It gave me purpose in life. I loved being with children … some of the best memories ever.

Marian Rainwater, M.Ed.

I became a teacher to make a difference. It was more of a mission than a job. A teacher can have such a positive influence on a child’s life. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher – just deciding what level and what subject to teach was difficult.

Karen White, M.Ed.

I always knew I would become an elementary school teacher. I wanted to help my students become responsible, productive members of society, to help them realize their dreams, and to understand that education is a gift not to be taken lightly.

Connie Moore, M.Ed.

I was an advanced student in 6th grade when my teacher asked me if I would help 2nd grade students who were struggling with reading. The moment I started helping those 2nd graders, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I haven’t considered another career since then. Teaching is a passion and you just know your calling the moment you experience teaching. As an administrator, I would ask my teachers to watch for future teachers because even at a young age, a teacher can spot a future teacher. I asked my educators that if they spot a future teacher, to help them develop that passion for teaching by letting them do teacher things.

The educators at Mentoring Minds have one important thing in common: a passion for teaching children. Like many of you, our educators have dedicated themselves to making a difference in children’s lives through education. If we haven’t already heard from you, let us know why you teach and we may include your answer in an upcoming blog post!