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3 College and Career Ready Skill Sets

Just what, exactly, does college and career-readiness mean? Acclaimed educator Dr. Karin Hess drew up a CCR framework to better define instructional goals, as well as the day-to-day work needed to prepare students for the future. This white paper will help you put pen to paper when it comes down to planning for student achievement—there’s even a worksheet to use with your PLC!

What You’ll Learn

Crucially, this college and career-readiness framework hinges on the need to re-envision our approach to teaching standards—not necessarily the standards themselves—in order to move from “teacher-directed learning to student-initiated and ‘owned’ learning,” a key evolution that paves the way for three crucial skill sets that support students’ ability to

  1. Tackle Cognitively Demanding Learning Tasks
  2. Develop Independence as Learners
  3. Initiate, Sustain, Extend and Deepen Learning

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Share the article with your colleagues to jump-start your school’s conversation about CCR. You can work together and use the self-inventory to assess your own curriculum and instruction in light of the CCR framework. Get started today!


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