New Contest Offers Faculty the Chance to Win $10,000 for their School

Mentoring Minds wants to know how teachers across the country are developing critical thinking in their classrooms. In order to do so, we are sponsoring the Real Classrooms Real Results Contest. This contest asks teachers and administrators to show us the different ways in which their schools are promoting the critical thinking skills of their students. Fans of our Facebook page will have the opportunity to submit their entry into the contest as well as vote on their favorites. The winner, as determined by having the highest number of votes, will receive a $10,000 check for their school.

How the Contest Works
There are many creative ways to teach students the critical thinking skills necessary for them to be successful in their future endeavors. Mentoring Minds would like to celebrate the most innovative and creative critical thinking lessons.  This contest is open to all K-12 principals, educators, and administrators who are legal residents of the United States and its territories. To be eligible to submit an entry, you must first 'like' our Facebook page. From there, any eligible participant can create an essay and photo submission. The essay should be no longer than 300 words and describe how your school or district incorporates critical thinking into the daily lives of students. The photo can be a single photo or a collage that shows how critical thinking is incorporated into your school's curriculum. 

These first-round submissions will be accepted from March 17 to April 17 and will be open to voting during that entire window. Votes for each submission will be measured through the Mentoring Minds Facebook page. The 15 submissions with the most votes will move on to the finalist round and have a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize. Finalists will have the opportunity to submit a short video, no more than three minutes long, that captures critical thinking in their school or across their district. These videos can be uploaded to the Mentoring Minds Facebook page from April 21 to May 9. During this time, anyone with a valid Facebook account will be able to vote on their favorite entries. The voting in the finalist round will be conducted the same way as voting was in the first round, through Facebook. Consequently, the video with the most votes will be announced as the winner.

The $10,000 Grand Prize Winner will be announced on May 12. First and second runner-ups will also be announced. The first runner-up, the entry with the second highest number of votes, will receive $3,000; and the second runner-up, the entry with the third highest number of votes, will receive $1,500. In addition to these winners, all of the remaining finalists will receive a $250 gift card to Mentoring Minds.

Critical Thinking in the Classroom
Mentoring Minds strives to promote the healthy development of critical thinking skills in students through its production of supplemental educational materials. The motto "Critical Thinking for Life" defines everything we do as a leader in K-12 educational guides. As such, we want to discover how critical thinking is being implemented in real classrooms all across the U.S. In addition we seek to harness the power of social media to share and inspire other teachers with the work that is being done in classrooms near and far. If you think your school or district is a leader in critical thinking, share your success on our Facebook page, and you may win $10,000 for the continuation of your good work.

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