New Curriculum Aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence

Total Motivation Math and ELA Are 100% Aligned to the GSE, Incorporating Rigor and Critical Thinking Skills Development to Prepare Students for Success on the Georgia Milestones Assessment

ATLANTA – As the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and Milestones Assessment enter their third year in school districts across the state, educators continue to seek effective tools to provide high-quality instruction. To support Georgia educators, Mentoring Minds unveils Total Motivation Math and ELA for Georgia, an innovative print and online supplemental curriculum that aligns 100 percent with the GSE. These dynamic new resources offer educators extensive tools to seamlessly integrate print and online content and meet individual student learning needs.

Total Motivation is available for math and English Language Arts (ELA) for grade levels 1-6. Developed to flexibly align with any scope and sequence, but with rigor to inform instructional design, Total Motivation includes units and instructional plans. The purpose of Total Motivation is to foster critical thinking skills so that students excel on high-stakes assessments and beyond.

“As educators in Georgia prepare their students for the rigor of the GSE, it is critical that they have access to high-quality curriculum for personalizing learning. Total Motivation, which unpacks the standards in a clear and concise manner, places those resources at educators’ fingertips,” said Michael Lujan, CEO, Mentoring Minds. “Research-based and classroom-tested, Total Motivation provides a wealth of strategies and activities designed to support quality instruction and, more importantly, support students by preparing them for success in the classroom, college, and careers.”

Total Motivation’s teacher edition complements existing instructional resources in order to help teachers deliver standards-based instruction. Using the teacher edition, educators have access to in-depth knowledge of the GSE and a wealth of effective practices proven to impact student learning.

The student edition helps students master the GSE with engaging content that integrates formative assessments, allows for application of learning, and supports cross-curricular connections. While serving as a valuable resource for guided practice, group activities, or one-on-one instruction for both print and online, the student edition encourages higher-level critical thinking skills. The student edition also familiarizes students with the format and structure of the Milestones Assessment.

Kim Caille, a fifth-grade teacher who has used a previous version of Total Motivation Math at Notre Dame Academy in Duluth, appreciates the abundance of extra strategies focused on interventions and extensions. “I love Total Motivation Math because I had such a hard time finding resources that were rigorous enough, and were tiered,” Caille said. “What I really love about the teacher edition is that there are multiple suggestions for every single standard tiered for the activities and the lessons…That was a big plus to me.”

Total Motivation also features real-time progress monitoring, which provides continuously updated feedback of student performance and allows educators to track progress toward mastery of the standards. Reports and views are available to educators from the student to the district level, allowing for deep engagement with instructional planning in order to address gaps in learning and to identify students who have mastered the standards.

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