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Build Critical Thinkers for Life!

Mentoring Minds' resources provide tools that are diagnostic and prescriptive in nature and provide educators with detailed information on student progress, while allowing flexibility in planning and use. The research-based strategies in the student editions integrate critical thinking and test-taking skills with classroom instruction. These rigorous supplemental resources, developed by educators, integrate critical and creative thinking skills, and complement existing direct instruction with powerful, focused preparation. Questions are aligned to Common Core Standards and are designed to improve students’ higher-order thinking.  

It all adds up with Motivation Math!

CCS Motivation MathThe Motivation Math Student Edition contains a wealth of items designed to promote student mastery of the Common Core state standards. A mix of elective response and open response items allows teachers to tailor instruction according to student needs. The student edition incorporates activities in critical thinking and problem solving that require students to reason, use appropriate tools, make connections with everyday life, and communicate results. “Motivation Station” pages provide opportunities to reinforce learning with a fun activity. Boost student confidence and proficiency with Motivation Math!


Motivation Math...

  • Provides teaching resources that promote effective, engaging direct instruction
  • Complements direct instruction with powerful, focused practice
  • Incorporates critical thinking to extend and enhance mathematical reasoning
  • Empowers teachers to make sound instructional decisions and adjustments based on student performance data


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    Resources that Build Comprehension

    CCS Motivation ReadingThe Motivation Reading resources bring reading comprehension not only to a new depth, but a new understanding for students.It engages students in rigorous and relevant learning experiences and builds higher levels of reading ability. Motivation Reading integrates critical and creative thinking, which results in life-long learners. Mentoring Minds’ supplemental content produces opportunities for success by engaging student interest while building comprehension skill. Passages are designed with questions that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.


    Motivation Reading...

  • Builds critical thinking by offering questioning stems based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Includes fiction and nonfiction passages for each grade level
  • Offers opportunities for creative thinking
  • Correlates to the assessed curriculum

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    CCS Math Benchmark Assessments


    The Common Core Math Benchmark Assessments include a teacher administration guide, an answer key, and a class progress chart. These assessments provide great insight on student understanding as mathematics progress is benchmarked throughout the year. By providing a summative assessment of student comprehension, educators can pinpoint areas that require extra attention and focus. At each grade level, there are three different versions of the assessments (Forms A, B, and C) bound into one student assessment booklet. Each form contains 60 questions and addresses all math CCS standards.


    Common Core Math Benchmark Assessments

  • Addresses each Common Core Standard for mathematics in each respective grade level
  • Includes a variety of question formats including selected response, short constructed response, and extended response
  • Promotes flexibility of use in a variety of classroom settings
  • Contains three complete benchmark assessments for pre-, mid-, and post-assessment throughout the year

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    Make Learning an Adventure

    CCS Vocabulary AdventureMath Vocabulary Adventure enhances mathematics vocabulary development through critical thinking, problem solving, and journaling activities. A complement to any mathematics program, Math Vocabulary Adventure identifies mathematics terminology that students encounter as they learn to speak the “language of mathematics.” Essential mathematics vocabulary terms from the Common Core Standards are identified together with a definition and, when appropriate, a graphical representation. A series of 5 questions or activities based on the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy guides students to higher level thinking and enhances vocabulary meaning with depth and complexity.  Math Vocabulary Adventure incorporates engaging problem-solving activities while integrating important process and communication skills. The teacher guide of Math Vocabulary Adventure further identifies the level of each question based on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.


    Vocabulary Adventure...

  • Includes vocabulary from all domains of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics
  • Focuses on mathematic terminology critical to content mastery at each leve
  • lEncourages students to construct word meanings using linguistic and non-linguistic methods
  • Requires students to reach higher levels of thinking as progress through the activities

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