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Build Critical Thinkers for Life!

The Mentoring Minds' Motivation product line offers outstanding resources for all subject areas. These student editions are available for math, science, reading, and writing. The research-based strategies in the student editions integrate critical thinking and test-taking skills with classroom instruction. With a focus on critical thinking, each edition helps prepare students for the rigor of state tests in each subject area. Motivation complements direct instruction with powerful, focused practice. Research shows that motivated students are more likely to perform well in the classroom and on standardized tests. The Motivation Series provides many opportunities for student success while building student motivation and subject area proficiency.


Motivation Science 

Motivation Science Level 5

Motivation Science provides teachers with an array of investigations and activities that make students excited and enthusiastic about learning science, while preparing student to tackle the rigor of the new STAAR®. Motivation Science provides an opportunity for your students to question, wonder, and investigate the world around them, while developing the skills necessary to succeed on the STAAR®.  Available in Levels 3-5.

  • Contains 34 units based on the Readiness and Supporting Standards eligble for testing on STAAR®
  • Organized numerically by TEKS
  • Aligned to the new science standards
  • 8 pages per eligible Readiness or Supporting Standard
  • Incorporates investigations and critical thinking activities
  • Provides a glossary of grade level appropriate terms
  • Involves students in actively learning Science

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    Motivation Writing

    Motivation Writing provides supplemental instruction and practice as teachers and students prepare for the STAAR® Writing Assessment. Motivation Writing is aligned to the STAAR® Reporting Categories as specified in the Assessed Curriculum Document. Students will compose narrative and expository pieces as well as complete revision practice (32%) and editing practice (68%). Motivation Writing supports the writing process, develops the critical thinking skills needed by successful writers, and provides effective instruction and practice to allow students to master the revision and editing requirements. Available in Level 4 only.

    Motivation Writing Level 4


  • Supplements existing writing programs
  • Provides meaningful learning experiences for composing, revising, and editing in context
  • Integrates an assessment tool to monitor student progress and guide teachers as they plan instruction
        and prepare students for STAAR®
  • Allows for the integration of curriculum in the areas of science, social studies, health, math, and fine arts
  • Incorporates evidence-based practices

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    Motivation Math

    Motivation Math for STAAR® is a rigorous, supplemental math resource to prepare students for the Math STAAR®. Developed by Texas educators, Motivation Math provides extensive practice for the STAAR® Readiness and Supporting Standards. Motivation Math provides many opportunities for student success while building student motivation and mathematics proficiency. Available in Levels 1-8.

    Motivation Math Level 3


  • Provides practice aligned to the STAAR® Reporting Categories
  • Addresses each STAAR® Readiness and Supporting Standard
  • Reflects the increased rigor of the STAAR®
  • Supports TEKS-based mathematics curricula and complements existing mathematics programs
  • Complements direct instruction with powerful, focused practice
  • Empowers teachers to make sound instructional decisions and adjustments based on student performance data

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    Motivation Reading

    Motivation Reading for STAAR® integrates critical thinking, creative thinking, and test-taking skills into classroom instruction. It also provides many opportunities for success by engaging student interest and building reading comprehension through reading strategy lessons. Motivation Reading offers high-interest non-fiction and fiction reading passages in a variety of genres. Available in Levels 2-5.

    Motivation Reading Level 2

  • Provides practice with passages and questions aligned to theSTAAR® Reporting Categories
  • Addresses each STAAR® Readiness and Supporting Standard
  • Includes literary and informational texts for each grade level
  • Correlates to the assessed curriculum
  • Offers opportunities for creative thinking
  • Includes an open-ended journal prompt and a fun activity foreach selection
  • Includes a homework practice page
  • Suggests parent activities
  • Provides a benchmark or “quick-check” to identify areas of need

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