2018–2019 Total Motivation Updates

For the 2018–2019 school year, we are releasing 4 significant updates to Total Motivation for Texas customers. Every year, our customers give us valuable feedback on our products, insight into what’s working, and ideas for improvement. And just like teachers and students, we’re committed to continuous growth. The 4 updates outlined in detail below include:

  1. Updated Teacher Editions
  2. Streamlined Science TEKS
  3. New Digital Platform
  4. New Item Bank Add-On: Itematica™

Updated Teacher Editions

The Teacher Editions for each content area have been revised with more classroom-tested instructional ideas and an improved layout for ease of use. Updates include:

  • Consistency in unit structure across content areas, including a uniform layout, common component names, and component order.
  • New T-TESS correlation chart maps out how Teacher Edition resources aid in T-TESS implementation.
  • All Teacher Resources (e.g. TEKS Frequency Chart, Answer Keys, Graphic Organizers) relocated to back of Teacher Edition.
  • Each unit begins with Prepare for the Unit, a section that unpacks the unit’s focus TEKS and includes Critical Thinking Traits, a new feature that provides information about incorporating 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ into instruction.
  • Teacher Reflection, a new section in each Teacher Edition unit, provides teachers with the opportunity to reflect on instructional activities, student understanding of the focus unit, and impact on future instruction.
  • Each instructional component in the Teacher Edition includes context for how the activities in the Teacher and Student Editions can work together.
  • Each instructional activity includes suggested time frame and student groupings.
  • Unit activities are numbered for easy identification.
  • The Teacher Edition features spiral binding for ease of use.
  • For Science Only:
    • Materials lists identified for each activity separately.
    • Cross-curricular connection provides activities that connect science content to other subject areas.
  • For Reading Only: Each unit features an extra activity that varies according to grade level band (e.g. Word Study for Grade 1; Homework for Grades 2–5; and Writing Connection for Grades 6–8).
  • For Writing Only: Each Teacher Edition unit includes a scoring rubric for the unit writing activity in the Student Edition.

Streamlined Science TEKS

We revised Total Motivation Science standard by standard to fully align with the newly adopted Streamlined Science TEKS. Total Motivation Science is available for levels 3–5 and 8. Updates include:

  • Removal of units that addressed deleted content standards (e.g. Boiling and freezing/melting points, Level 5).
  • Revised content to reflect additions, deletions, or clarifications to content (e.g. 8.5(E) content revised to include the relationship between chemical reactions and the law of conservation of mass).
  • Revised question items and/or activities to reflect deletions or changes to process standards (e.g. Replaced questions on deleted standard related to advertisements, Level 5).
  • Reorganized units to align with reassigned Reporting Categories (e.g. Fossils moved from Reporting Category 3: Earth and Space, 5.7(D), to Reporting Category 4: Organisms and Environments, 5.9(D)).
  • Kept content aligned to unchanged standards to provide for classroom and lesson plan continuity as much as possible.
  • New Post-Assessment section in Student Edition provides practice with and without the integration of process skills.
  • Levels 5 & 8 only: New, abbreviated units provide targeted practice on Supporting Standards from lower grade levels that are tested on Grade 5 and 8 STAAR tests (e.g. Grade 5 addresses 4.7(A) in an abbreviated unit).

New Digital Platform

Total Motivation’s online platform was overhauled and reimagined for the 2018–2019 school year to resolve accessibility and user experience issues. Launched in August 2018, the retooled digital platform is now more intuitive for teachers. Features of the new online platform include:

  • Whiteboard compatibility
  • 1-to-1 licensing for teachers
  • Access to Total Motivation print content
  • Compatibility with any modern web browser (on desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Additional features to be announced and implemented during the 18–19 school year

Learn more about our new digital platform here!

New Item Bank Add-On: Itematica™

Itematica™ is our new digital assessment tool for benchmarks, quick exit tickets, and everything in between. Choose pre-built assessments from the library or customize your own. Itematica integrates content from Inspect® Item Bank, with over 100,000 items aligned to Math, ELA, Science, and History state standards for K-12. Features include:

  • 500+ pre-built assessments, including formative assessments, performance tasks, benchmarks, and end-of-year (EOY) assessments.
  • Teachers can assign assessments for online completion. Itematica enables online work capture, progress reporting, data export, and EOY data rollover.
  • Item bank includes all item types currently used in high-stakes testing, including technology-enhanced items such as drag and drop, graphing, and technology-enabled listening.
  • Optional add-on bundles:
    • Quick Checks includes 600+ short, fixed-form assessments containing 5–7 items based on content standards. In addition, 120+ K-1 assessments provide for developmentally appropriate formative assessment in early elementary.

If you have questions about any of these updates, please contact your Account Executive or our customer service team.