Total Motivation, Release 16

We’ve been hard at work to bring new features and enhancements to Total Motivation, the online component available to all Total Motivation customers. The updates in Release 16 are designed to make your experience better by improving user navigation and registration, as well as fixing a few bugs. Read the release notes below and sign into your online account to see the automatic updates in action.

What’s New in Release 16

Guided Help. Guided Help sequences are provided as users create a class, add students to classes/groups, import students, make assignments, and self-register. Guided Help walks teachers through unfamiliar parts of the application. Buttons are highlighted and tool tips hover over the next action for easier navigation through the initial set-up process. Guided Help can be easily disabled once a user becomes familiar with the set-up.

Improved Registration Wizard. Use the Registration Wizard for a more user-friendly and efficient way to sign up for an account. The streamlined process includes just 3 steps for new user registration followed by a confirmation email message.

Simplified use of “Groups.” For teacher accounts, a simplified interface (with removal of the “Show Groups” buttons) eliminates the user’s need to toggle between Classes and Groups. Changes in wording throughout the application contribute to increased clarify and consistency.

Improved student navigation buttons. For student accounts, renamed and rearranged buttons provide more clarity to students as they progress through activities and prevent premature answer submission.

Sign-Up Codes (formerly Class Codes). Longer sign-up codes provide significantly more combinations of characters and thus more possible sign-up codes. The system generates codes and assigns them to classes more quickly.

Archive/Promote dialogs text notification. Notifications provide users with the date and time the last Archive/Promote action was executed and by which user.

Notification of available seats. Upon login to teacher accounts, users will receive a notice when there are no available seats for the current applicable year.

Notification emails to new teacher and admin accounts. Upon creation of any new teacher or admin account, new users will receive a welcome email.

New and improved ruler. In student accounts, the ruler tool now rotates freely a full 360 degrees. This update is available immediately in new titles; updates are in progress for existing titles.

Print for Individual Distribution. Provides easier method to space out and print multiple account credentials to distribute log-in information to students, teachers, and admins.

Additional bug fixes and updates to the system.