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  1. New Teacher Resource Bundle - small

    New Teacher Resource Bundle

    A one-of-a-kind bundle of resources for new and inexperienced teachers.

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    Special Price: $45.00

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  2. Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart

    Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart

    The Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart is easy to use and packed with hundreds of instructional strategies from the major instructional schools of thought.

  3. Behavior Strategies Guide

    Behavior Strategies Guide

    The Behavior Guide is an easy-to-use resource that provides educators techniques and strategies for creating a disciplined environment needed for effective learning. It features hundreds of ready-to-use interventions and practical, proactive strategies for behavior management.
  4. Differentiated Instruction Guide

    Differentiated Instruction Guide

    Identify and meet the needs of diverse learners. The Differentiated Instruction Guide is a K-12 resource that provides background knowledge, techniques, tools, and strategies to promote differentiation.
  5. Assessments Guide

    Assessments Guide

    Quickly identify where students are in their understanding and comprehension of content.
  6. English Language Learners Strategies Guide

    English Language Learners Strategies Guide

    This easy-to-use resource helps teachers design high-quality instruction and respond appropriately to the needs of English Language Learners.

  7. Cyber Bullying Guide

    Cyber Bullying Guide

    This guide offers educational strategies and valuable resources, including how to address the effects of cyber bullying, avoid the dangers, and assist the victims.

  8. ADD/ADHD Wheel

    ADD/ADHD Wheel

    Help learners with ADD/ADHD to participate better with other students, be viewed as positive learners, and improve interaction among peers.

  9. Bullying Prevention and Intervention Guide

    Bullying Prevention and Intervention Guide

    Provide teachers the immediate tools they need to be informed and equipped to handle bullying situations both inside and outside the classroom.