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Total Motivation Math Teacher Edition

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Total Motivation Math Teacher Edition

Total Motivation Math is a rigorous and comprehensive supplemental resource that integrates critical thinking into math instruction. Designed from the ground up to address 100% of the Common Core Standards, Total Motivation unpacks each standard and helps teachers fill the gaps in student learning. By incorporating both print and online components, Total Motivation provides greater flexibility for 21st-century classrooms.

The Teacher Edition helps educators put the California Common Core State Standards (CCS) into practice, offering:
  • Comprehensive analysis of the CCS with instructional plans designed to increase student confidence for standardized tests.
  • Flexibility to support any curricula or scope and sequence.
  • Freedom to mix, match, and optimize print and online to address different learning styles.
The Student Edition is packed with activities that foster critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, including:
  • Engaging activities that promote mathematical reasoning and problem solving.
  • Opportunities to apply, analyze, connect, and reinforce the standards in real-world and mathematical contexts.
  • Tools to build mathematics vocabulary.
Real-time progress monitoring is a given with Total Motivation. Educators have immediate access to reports on student achievement, helping to:
  • Identify learning gaps at the district, school, class, or individual level.
  • Reveal opportunities to improve instruction and develop student skills.
  • Analyze content by CCS, CCR Anchor Standard, DOK Level, and Bloom’s Level.

Teachers receive both a print teacher edition and a Motivation Online license for the applicable school year.


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