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Solutions Built on Solid Ground

Before choosing classroom resources, you need to be confident that they’re based on research and—most importantly—effective in the classroom. That’s why Mentoring Minds stays up to date on ever-changing standards and conducts extensive research on the alignment and efficacy of our products, ensuring that they’re scholastically sound and of the highest quality. We’re the partner you need to stay ahead of the curve.


Addressing rigor, depth, and conceptual understanding through print and online resources. Incorporate critical thinking to extend and enhance mathematical reasoning.


Developing critical and creative thinking skills through evidence-based print and online resources, while helping teachers understand student comprehension.


Extending and deepening student understanding of essential math skills and complex math concepts while expanding critical thinking skills as well.

Critical Thinking

Directing a shift from rote memorization to higher-order thinking. Challenging students to make independent decisions, form responses, and arrive at solutions.

Teacher Resources

Improving student performance through classroom tools and strategies to establish effective learning environments. Personalizing instruction for diverse and struggling learners.

Parent Engagement

Boosting student achievement by developing and implementing specific strategies to increase parent involvement at school and at home.