ThinkUp! Science supports critical thinking + instruction for 100% of the TEKS.

ThinkUp! Science


ThinkUp! Science helps students build critical thinking skills, master science content, and connect science to the real world. It also unpacks and explains all the standards and gives teachers access to proven instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centered classrooms.


Below are some additional benefits of using ThinkUp! Science to help students master the science TEKS.

  • Includes rigorous, standards-aligned content that embeds critical thinking and reasoning skills into lessons, placing an emphasis on scientific processes as well as science concepts
  • Offers hands-on activities and investigations to connect science to the everyday lives of students
  • Provides varied assessment items and question formats to familiarize students with the rigor and format of high-stakes assessments
  • Integrates the 9 Traits of Critical ThinkingTM into every lesson.
  • Includes vocabulary activities to help students develop science literacy and strengthen communication skills
  • Equips teachers to fill learning gaps and increase rigor
  • Provides units organized by focus standard, and includes engaging activities and interventions to support instruction, reinforcement, and re-teaching
  • Offers activities and items that are coded to the standards, Depth of Knowledge, Bloom’s Taxonomy (Original and Revised), and ELPS