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We’ve spent years working with schools and districts to help students achieve great things, so we know a thing or two about educational resources. We think they should start with the standards. They should be easy to implement. And they should never sacrifice rigor or flexibility.

Select and plan accommodations for struggling students using this quick reference tool. This wheel includes step-by-step implementation strategies to help teachers, specialists, and parents collaborate to design opportunities that help students gain equal access to instruction and actively participate with other students.

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ThinkUp! ELAR (Grades 1−8) introduces the focus TEKS and the Critical Thinking traits that support students as they learn, practice, and master the TEKS concepts. ThinkUp! ELAR includes Getting Started, Instruction, Assessment, Intervention, and Extension components that help teachers engage and accommodate all learners.

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The Standards Mastery Series is the perfect resource for teachers as they teach the Michigan Academic Standards and plan purposeful instruction to promote student achievement. These content-area-specific flip charts contain the standards, instructional activities, and other valuable resources that empower teachers to deliver effective instruction that results in student mastery while enhancing critical thinking.

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Team ThinkUp! introduces the 9 Traits of Critical ThinkingTM through the lenses of ELA, Math, and Science content. Authentic examples and cross-curricular activities teach students to apply the 9 traits in context and reflect on their thinking.

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Build a school-wide culture based on the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking. Classroom and school culture shape students’ development as thinkers and learners. ThinkUp! Foundations guides educators as they create a thinking culture that promotes student engagement, deeper understanding, and a lifetime of learning.

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Address 100% of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics with Total Motivation Math. This award-winning curriculum helps students build critical thinking skills and connect math to the real world. It also unpacks and explains all the standards and gives teachers access to proven instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centered classrooms.

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