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We’ve spent years working with schools and districts to help students achieve great things, so we know a thing or two about educational resources. We think they should start with the standards. They should be easy to implement. And they should never sacrifice rigor or flexibility.

Select and plan accommodations for struggling students using this quick reference tool. This wheel includes step-by-step implementation strategies to help teachers, specialists, and parents collaborate to design opportunities that help students gain equal access to instruction and actively participate with other students.

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Explore teaching methods that cultivate depth of understanding. This session gives participants a greater understanding of instructional strategies that introduce rigor and encourage complexity of thought.


Critical thinking is an essential element for preparing every learner to succeed in school and throughout life. School leaders are instrumental in establishing a positive tone for embracing critical thinking and cultivating a thinking environment throughout the school. Investing in an initiative to promote deeper thinking can favorably impact teaching and learning.

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Developing strong relationships with parents, families, and community leaders will encourage parents to become more involved in the school community, and this, in turn, will have a strong impact on the overall effectiveness and inclusiveness of the school. The principal is the leader for modeling and setting an appro...

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Build positive relationships with parents to affect the success of students as well as the success of the campus. This book offers suggestions on how to cultivate and strengthen home-to-school partnerships with parents.

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Total Motivation Math addresses 100% of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and prepares students to excel on high-stakes assessments by building their critical thinking skills. Delivered in both print and online formats, Total Motivation Math allows greater flexibility in the classroom. Teachers have access to all of the standards, unpacked and explained, along with proven strategies for formative assessment, instruction, interve...

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“I believe in Total Motivation. I had no trouble at all telling my superintendent that this is what needs to be used, so we piloted it here and now we’ll be sharing that information with the main office. Hopefully the rest of the district will be using it because we think it’s key.”

Emil Carafa
Lodi, NJ