Supplemental Curriculum

Support standards mastery and put critical thinking at the center of the classroom with our supplemental curriculum. Used by over 2 million students, Total Motivation addresses 100% of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and provides instructional strategies and rigorous practice in a flexible print-and-online format. Pair it with Motivation Benchmark Assessments to prepare students for the structure and format of standardized tests.

Meet Total Motivation, the standards-based supplemental curriculum.

Address 100% of the CCSS for Math and ELA, or support NGSS for Science, with a flexible print-and-online resource that is proven to raise test scores. Total Motivation fits any scope and sequence, yet is rigorous enough to drive instruction on its own.

Choose between print and digital content for every student, every day.

One-to-one licensing means that each student gets a print edition and an online license, empowering teachers to differentiate instruction based on student needs and classroom resources. Online practice gives immediate feedback to students, while real-time online progress monitoring allows educators to check progress at the class, school, and district levels.

Support teachers with hundreds of evidence-based strategies and activities.

With units organized by focus standard, the Teacher Edition equips teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the CCSS and hundreds of activities to support direct instruction and reinforcement. Formative assessments, interventions, extension activities, and more help teachers plan effective lessons to meet diverse student needs.

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