Funding Source: IDEA, Part B (Special Education)

Lay the foundation for student growth and achievement with a practitioner’s guide that shares the why and the how for building critical thinking skills in K-12 classrooms.

Award Winner

Inspire students to deeper understanding of the content and challenge them to higher levels of thinking with our award winning DOK/RBT Wheel. Integrate both thinking models during daily instruction to span a wide range of cognitive rigor and lead students to become independent thinkers.

Award Winner

Meet the diverse needs of all learners with a go-to resource packed with hundreds of instructional strategies from the major instructional schools of thought. This flip chart is easy to use and supports high-quality instruction with academic and behavioral strategies designed with all learners in mind.

Award Winner

Boost student confidence and expose students to the rigor, format, and structure of STAAR. These TEKS-based assessments help teachers identify individual student learning gaps so they can more accurately guide instruction.

Available in Spanish

Establish a multi-tiered and integrated system of supports to prevent academic failure by using the frameworks RTI and PBIS. This robust flip chart helps teachers at all levels implement academic and behavioral strategies interwoven with social and emotional skills and competencies to ensure student success.

Award Winner

The North Carolina Standard Course of Study Mastery Series is the perfect resource for teachers as they teach the NCSCoS and plan purposeful instruction to promote student achievement. These content-area-specific flip charts contain the standards, instructional activities, and other valuable resources that empower teachers to deliver effective instruction that results in student mastery while enhancing critical thinking.

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“We were looking for something to meet the needs of our students, not just a retooled workbook. After reviewing Total Motivation, my teachers decided that Mentoring Minds hit the target.”

Emil Carafa
Lodi, NJ